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LifeMoves | How I got here

In addition to teaching English, a large part of my career as a high school special educator was devoted to helping students transition to life after high school, whether it was onto college, a training program, internship, or their first job. During that time, students were able to role play job interviews and write resumes. 

I also supervised a college experience program, where students were able to take placement tests at a local community college and to audit classes on campus. With an emphasis on time management, organization, prioritizing short and long term assignments and negotiating a college campus, these young adults were given a true college experience and gained many real world skills.

On a personal level, I have also experienced many of life’s major challenges, including dealing with family members experiencing dementia, cancer, mental issues and enduring the loss of parents. These were truly difficult times. As a person who has dealt with feelings of anxiety and stress during these most personal challenges, I feel strong empathy for people going through similar situations and feel that I am uniquely positioned to help others manage their stressful times with more calm and confidence and less anxiety. 

 In both my personal and professional life, I have always operated with the belief that without attention to emotional well-being, personal/professional success and a happy, productive life are much harder to achieve and maintain. I bring this mindset with me as I start my next act as a certified life coach. Experiencing life's major events, both good and bad, is part of our shared human experience as we journey through life. I am motivated to assist my fellow humans, as they choose the road they wish to travel and experience all of the bumps along the way. 

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